Cops is our contemporary Red Record, inspired by the work of powerful warrior Ancestor Ida B. Wells-Barnett. Like the Red Record of 1895, this site was built in order to expose those who murder our people. Our data spans January 2013 to present, covering the time that District Attorney Jackie Lacey has been in office.

The number of police killings in Los Angeles County is the highest of any locale in the nation. Lacey has refused to charge officers in all but one case. Most of these killer cops are still working in law enforcement; a number of them have killed more than once. These officers are dangerous, and have targeted Black and Brown people.

Families of those whose lives have been stolen are routinely sidelined by public officials. We join the families in demanding justice, transparency, and action. This site is an effort to expose police who murder and demand that they be held accountabe, beginning with prosecutions and building towards a reimagined systems of public safety.

People killed by cops
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